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Interface Friction


Geotechnical Testing

Unsaturated Soil


Durability Testing

SAME-DAY Seam Testing

Recycled Plastics


TRI maintains a broad capability to evaluate the microstructural properties of geosynthetic materials. This capacity, in concert with our performance testing capability, is often employed to investigate the cause for geosynthetic seaming problems or geosynthetic material failures. Senior technical staff bring their experience to bear on specific technical challenges encountered as geosynthetic materials are installed. Forensic investigation is also called upon when new and/or unknown materials are evaluated, or where premature field failures have occurred. TRI enjoys a variety of equipment to support forensic evaluations including a full sevice DuPont thermal analysis testing system (TGA, DSC, DMA, TMA) as well as analytical equipment (FTIR, GC/GCMS).