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While traditional quality assurance programs have involved on-site sampling of product rolls after they arrive, they have often resulted in expensive delays and costly corrections when subsequent testing identifies non-conforming product rolls. TRI has revolutionized this approach by establishing in-plant manufacturing quality assurance (MQA) inspection and sampling services. These services are now established in the following cities and geosynthetic plants.

Location: Inspection/Material Sampling for:
Calgary Canada GSE Lining Company
Georgetown, SC Agru America
Fernley, NV. Agru America
Grand Prairie, TX Poly-FlexAmerica
Greenville, SC S.E. Manufacturers (may require travel support)
CETCO, SI Geosolutions, Tensar, ETI, GSE (Kingstree, SC), SKAPS
Houston, TX GSE Lining Company
Lovell, WY CETCO

Almost all TRI's in-plant services are established in the host-city of the manufacturer of interest, thus eliminating the need for sponsors to pay for travel and lodging costs traditionally associated with MQA inspection and sampling events. TRI may secure samples from the manufacturing plant, ship to our laboratories and test in accordance with the CQA plan. The previously unaffordable is now financially feasible and of significant benefit.